We shine as one, HHIS iyan!

Once built upon a hilly area amid tall grasses, Highway Hills Integrated School (HHIS) was founded on August 24, 1961 through the generosity of Mr. Ong Ai Gui, a Chinese philanthropist who donated a portion of his land and spearheaded the construction of the school then known as Highway Hills Elementary School (HHES). With its playground and five classrooms housing an office for the principal, an industrial shop and two rest houses, the school set out its operations. Mr. Roman De Los Santos, former chairman of Brgy. Highway Hills, helped establish the school through his initiatives and active coordination with the first General PTA President, Mr. Pablo Santiago, whose commitment also spawned the launching of different school projects under his term.
Its first ever school head was Ms. Pacita G. Reamon, a competent leader who raised the profile of Highway Hills Elementary School and made it popular in Rizal and its surrounding areas during her stint as principal. Having established its reputation, the school also served as a hub for division seminars and teaching demonstrations, courtesy of pioneer teachers who dedicated their professional life to build a name for the school, namely, Ms. Rebecca Sanchez, Mr. Jose Rizal Sanchez, Ms. Teresita Ignacio, Mrs. Purificacion Palad, Mr. and Mrs. Jose Quintos, Ms. Filomena Domingo and Ms. Adelaida Garibay.
Eventually turned into a pilot school, it was frequented by teachers, school heads from different schools, district supervisors and education program supervisors, among others. Former senator Santanina Rasul was one of the school stakeholders whose children were educated by then HHES.
In 1970, tropical storm Yoling ripped through five of the school’s classrooms, which prompted Mr. De Los Santos and Mr. Santiago to seek the aid of Mr. Isidro Rodriquez for the immediate reconstruction. Instead, a 2-story 16-classroom building and another building with 10 classrooms were instituted and eponymously named Rodriquez Main Building and Rodriquez II Building, respectively, in his honor.
The school continued to grow and now pushed for worthwhile initiatives such as implementation of nutrition program, food production campaign, green revolution and beautification projects which cemented the school and community partnership.
During the incumbency of then Mayor Ernesto Domingo circa 1980, a Domingo-Ong Building was constructed with the help of Mr. Ong Ai Gui. To accommodate the growing student population and the recreational needs of the community, a stage and a basketball court were eventually added on.
Then came the era of Gonzales and Abalos administration. In the many years that former congressman Neptali M. Gonzales II and former city mayor Benjamin C. Abalos Jr. were at the helm of district and city government of Mandaluyong, respectively, several school physical resources had been evident: the clinic, canteen, science laboratory, multi-purpose hall, computer and speech laboratory.
The name Highway Hills Elementary School became non-existent in 2011 when the school elevated its status and was renamed Highway Hills Integrated School, accommodating fewer than 200 freshmen students in the SY. 2007–2008. Pioneers in the high school department were: Mrs. Carina F. Alfaro, Mrs. Rowena M. Garabiles, Mrs. Joanne C. Sugala, Ms. Anna Grace Lobigas, Mr. Maurice M. Merlas and Mr. Henry Sabidong, then Assistant-to-the-Principal.
Since 1961, fourteen principals have already served the elementary-turned-integrated school, to wit: Ms. Pacita G. Reamon, Mrs. Lydia Javier, Ms. Luz B. Flores, Mrs. Roldan, Ms. Josefina Anselmo, Ms. Purificacion Bautista, Mrs. Ester C. Villareal, Mrs. Emelinda A. Osillo, Mrs. Gregoria Ignacio, Mrs. Corazon S. Mayoya, Mrs. Carmencita I. Gonzales, Mr. Romeo E. Bandal, who welcomed the integration of senior high school in the secondary department of Highway Hills Integrated School with the implementation of K to 12 Basic Education Curriculum SY. 2016–2017, Mrs. Marvie R. Duran, who was an advocate of keeping the school environment- friendly with her various projects that seek to promote sustainability in campus and the current Mrs. Corazon R. Regino, who opened HUMSS strand for AY 2020-2021 in hopes to offer more opportunities to students and strengthen their aptitudes which will expose them in their chosen industry.
In the advent of K-12 curriculum, Highway Hills Integrated School is now one of the schools which offers Senior High School education in Mandaluyong City. The offers include Academic and Technical-Vocational Tracks such as Accountancy, Business and Management (ABM), Computer System Servicing (CSS), Food and Beverage Services (FBS). With the aim to offer more chances to its students, HHIS on 2018 began catering Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM).Today, the school accommodates 3148 elementary students, 2143 junior high school students and 519 senior students and with them, the school continues to join various competitions in division, regional, and even national level that brings honor to the institution.
Not only the institution strives to produce excellent students but also competent future heads of schools. Mr. Roderick Mendiola, then- assistant principal, ranked 4 in the Philippines when he took the Principal Examination last 2017. On the following year, three head teachers, Mr. Rhyan O. Medina, Mrs. Noriette R. Ubaldo, and Mrs. Joanne C. Sugala and master teacher Mrs. Maria Venancia Causon, also passed the said examination for school head aspirants.
Aside from producing competent and goal- driven graduates, the senior high school department constituted Seniors Go Green (SGG), in support to Clean Air Act and nature conservation last 2019. It also aims to promote discipline and responsibility to the environment’s well-being. This program is a 5- month maintenance of robust, beautiful and properly arranged plants. More so, Seniors Go Green also includes maintenance of cleanliness along corridors and classrooms.
Through hard work and perseverance, HHIS has also strengthened its campus journalism throughout the years and was even hailed as Home of one of the Best Radio and TV Broadcasting Teams in the Philippines during the National Schools Press Conference (NSPC) 2017, 2018, 2019, and 2020
Thus the development of knowledge and tutelage is continued to be fortified in order to achieve the quality education for all. With the competitive students, active teachers and supportive school personnel, Highway Hills Integrated School remains to thrive to bring pride!